• About Us

    Yellow Enterprise Solutions (YES) is a growing firm which was established on the World Environment Day 5th June 2012. The Shade of Yellow symbolizes Purity, Wisdom, Creativity and Intellectual Energy; all these combined together forms the Moral Pillars of Yellow Enterprise Solutions (YES).

    We at YES believe that Mother Nature is constantly providing mankind with resources for a better living but for most of us it is not being properly utilized. YES wants to reach out to everyone and provide them with solutions based on recycling, renewable energy and eco-friendly solutions.

    YES is functioning in the Society, for the Society and with the Society by providing solutions and products which will help our environment and provide our future generations with a Green and Clean Earth.


    Replace Non Renewable Resources with Renewable Resources and create a never ending self-generating Energy Chain for a Green Earth.


    To Provide Eco Friendly Solutions for daily needs and wants. Utilizing all forms of Renewable Resources. Providing and delivering products for each and every locality.

    About Renewable Resources

    Renewable can be defined as: “capable of being renewed”, or "capable of being replaced by natural ecological cycles or sound management practices".

    In other words - resources that can be continually reproduced over a relatively short period of time.

    By Using Renewable resources we help in contributing to our environment by producing less pollution, and saving mother earth from a lot of harmful effects in other words making the earth a better place to live.