• Pest Control Management :

    Pest control services have become very popular in modern times. This is mainly due to rapid increase in the number of pests in our offices, homes and in agriculture sector.

    These pests can create huge losses and hamper our health if they are not controlled. Due to this, the pest control department practices modern techniques for controlling pests.

    We also offer our clients professional, cost-effective, responsive and high quality corporate services. Our trained housekeeping professionals collaborate with facility managers to improve operations and provide a clean work environment. The customized housekeeping services demand work on different kinds of surfaces, along with impeccable cleaning of interior and exterior. We use industry recommended chemicals, advanced cleaning gadgets and appliances in the cleaning process to ensure flawless services.


    In this direction we have been bringing more efficacious than traditional treatment and at the same time relatively more safe and eco friendly services. This blend of non-chemical tactics and localized use of pesticides is known as integrated pest management. (ipm). We propose to adopt a pest management operations entirely based on ipm principles i.e. 4d formula (deny entry, deny food, deny shelter and destroy).
    Services available under pest control management.
    -  Termite control treatment (post construction)

    -  Termite management (pre-construction anti- termite treatment)

    -  Mosquito control treatment

    -  Rodent control

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