• Solar Energy :


    YES is a registered system integrator with Chhattisgarh State Renewable Development Agency (CREDA).

    Central Government & State Government are working hand in hand to ensure Solar Products are availed to common man by providing subsidy for the products, bring the cost down so as to make it affordable for every class of the society.

    Some of the Products that we offer are:-

    1. Solar Lanterns

    2. Solar Home Lighting Systems

    3. Solar Street Lights

    4. Solar Water Heaters

         a. Domestic Water Heaters

         b. Industrial Water Heaters

    5. Solar Pumps

    6. Solar Photovoltaic Power Packs

    All the products are available in a wide range as per client’s requirements.

    Advantages of Solar Energy.

    - Solar power gives you a return on your investment, while paying your utility for electricity gives you 0% return.
    - Solar energy is renewable unlike the conventional resources (coal, oil) which will inevitably run out.
    - Non-polluting, no carbon dioxide like fossil fuels
    - Free except for capital expenses.
    - Longevity - solar panels can last over fifteen years
    - Low maintenance - solar panels require very little upkeep
    - Independence - an off-grid system allows you to break free from the electrical grid
    - Environmentally friendly because the conversion of energy doesn't produce any carbon dioxide.
    - It comes from the sun, which, unless you are in The South or North pole, comes out almost everyday
    - Solar power is better for the environment, compared to burning fossil fuels and other electrical power.
    - Sun Energy is Renewable.
    - You get clean energy without harming the environment [in term of carbon emissions],
    - In certain countries, excessive power generated can be sold back to local electricity provider
    - Reduces pollution
    - Helps create jobs - shores up economy - to build - you hire - innovate-maintain - basically economic activities
    - Reduced dependence on fossil fuels
    - Once installed, the power is FREE.
    - You can sell your excess power back to the power companies
    - It can be installed anywhere
    - You can use batteries to store power for use at night
    - Energy from the sun is renewable, that is, it keeps on coming
    - It doesn't have to be dug up from the ground like coal, oil, natural gas, or uranium
    - It doesn't have to be cut down, like wood from forests.
    - It produces clean, green power in the form of electricity and can be used to power just about everything we need.
    - There is more solar energy landing on the earth every day than it would take to supply the world for a year.
    - Solar energy can heat swimming pools, power calculators, and power cars.
    - You can even cook food with solar energy.
    - We are using a renewable energy source like the sun, instead of non-renewable energy sources such as Gas, oil, fossil fuels etc...
    - We can save power of electricity.
    - We need not bother about electricity board.
    - Solar power panels are small enough to fit on every rooftop in a city

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